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Great Price
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I have already completed two classes with Boston Transportation, and I am completely satisfied with it; all instructors are professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly people. They will help you with any questions, needs, and will guide you in the right direction, or will explain step by step. In addition, this school has a very reasonable price! Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to Elizabeth and Oxana! I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in trucking.
Jonnica H
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I am currently taking two classes offered by Boston Transportation dispatch training, I have completed one class so far Liz & her counterpart were so knowledgeable. They kept class interesting and I loved how real they kept considering they are in the transportation business they were able to give us real life experience not just information from a book. I highly recommend Boston Dispatch for your transportation training needs.
Elena Z
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I Highly recommend these classes! I have learnt so much from Elizabeth and Oxana! They classes was intense. I happy that I took classes and I learn a lot from you guys. You’re very passionate about what are you doing, inspiring and knowledgeable. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to become a dispatcher there is a lot of information that you aren’t even thinking of don’t hesitate to learn from the best
Worth every penny
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I took 1 class with Liza and her partner Brenda. Very satisfied with this class learned so many things very happy that i choose Boston Transportation Dispatch Training for those who are looking go for it trust me you won’t regret it. Thank you Liz again for your amazing class!!!
Liza P
Safety training
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I accidentally found their Facebook page and I am so glad I did! I have completed QuickBooks, IFTA, and Safety training with this amazing team. And I wish I found them earlier in our trucking business that would save me so much time and energy. I highly recommend their training to everyone who asks me about careers in the trucking industry.
Yusuf K
100% helpful
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OMG! Elizabeth and her team were wonderful people, They teach you everything you need about to succeed in trucking business and to reach your goals in the near future. For sure I will come back for other classes and will refer many friends.if you have intention of joining trucking industries this is where to start!.100% helpful.
Luda D
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Best school for trucking business! Very professional! Always give a lot of information at classes! I attended different classes in this school and I learned a lot! Plus Elizabeth, the owner, always send you job offers after you finish classes! I highly recommend this school!
Natalia L
Well structured
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If you consider to start a dispatch career and don’t know what to do first - apply for the dispatch course by Boston Transportation first! Logically structured, understandable and clear, well explained - this course will give you a good base for new career path! Tons of notes & homework will help you to dive into new industry! Definitely recommend for a freshman in trucking!
Taisia B
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It was a pleasure learning the detail skills by an amazing team of instructors, well detail in teaching you the practical nuances of a competitive dispatcher. The teacher gave us opportunity to practise for improving. I highly recommend this school.
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