Elizabeth Vasko

Elizabeth started her education at Herzen State Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg, Russia, with two majors – one in Pedagogics and the other – in English and Finnish Linguistics. After coming to the United States, she completed her scholarship study at NAU Flagstaff, AZ, and an internship in Washington DC in 2000. Elizabeth is a cum laude graduate of Elmhurst University in Illinois, with BA in Managerial Communication, as well as a licensed insurance agent in Illinois, and holds multiple certificates of completion from various professional courses.

The seven precautions you should take to protect your trucking business from fraud

The Seven Precautions You Should Take To Protect Your Trucking Business From Fraud

Protect Your Trucking Business From Fraud Key points in this article: Reducing fraud risks within the transportation industry Emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability Cultivating a culture centered around …

The Seven Precautions You Should Take To Protect Your Trucking Business From Fraud Read More »

What is a load board and how to use it

What Is a Loadboard & How To Use It? (RU)

Как оптимизировать ваши грузы(погрузки, загрузки)
Вы зарегистрировались на Load Board – но что дальше?

Владелец-оператор (Owner-operator) Chad Boblett расскажет вам как сделать вашу работу максимально эффективной и поднять тариф на свои услуги.

Jobs in trucking

Jobs in Trucking

Are you looking for a career change? Have you considered the trucking industry? With the demand for goods and products on the rise, truck driving jobs are in high demand.

How to pass a DOT Safety Audit

How to pass a DOT safety audit?

Safety audits are one of the most important and often daunting tasks in maintaining a safe trucking company.

While they can be inconvenient and (on occasion) outright frustrating, they help encourage a safe working environment for truckers, support staff, and everyone on the road.

Whether you are a manager overseeing hundreds of vehicles or an owner-operator responsible for your deliveries, you must prepare for a DOT safety audit.

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