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Trucking insurance

[PVGM id=21]Boston Transportation Solutions Elizabeth Vasko Trucking Insurance Specialist Cell: 331-551-8787 Fax: 773-305-4058 Email: Call for a quote today! I have access to many top markets and can shop your coverage to ensure that you are receiving the best combination of rates and coverage available in the marketplace. Coverage Liability: • Primary Liability-up to […]

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Training Center

We believe in Excellence in Education.  That is why we teach our students all the necessary skills to pursue a Trucking Dispatcher career while equipping them with the needed knowledge and confidence. We believe in Team Work. That is why we train our students to stay tuned to truckers needs while providing them with the […]

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At Boston Transportation Solutions, your success is our passion. We are oriented to help small trucking companies and owner-operators run their Motor Carrier business smoothly and effectively.  We provide customized support and consulting in each step of their way. The success of our clients is our best reward. Trucking is a lucrative industry that generates […]

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Boston Transportation Solutions LT

Ar  žinote, kad kiekviena prekė JAV buvo pervežta sunkvežimiu mažiausiai 2-3 kartus? Krovinių pervežimų pramonė – trucking – tai varomoji Amerikos ekonomikos jėga. O vežėjui tai – ta veiklos sritis, kuri suteikia ne tik gerą, bet ir pastovų uždarbį. Tam, kad Jūsų nuosavas krovinių pervežimo verslas funkcionuotų sėkmingai, Jums prireiks: nuosavos kompanijos su visais būtinais […]

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Boston Transportation Solutions RUS

Знаете ли вы, что каждая вещь в Америке была перевезена траком как минимум 2-3 раза? Trucking, индустрия грузоперевозок — это одна из основополагающих американской экономики. А для грузоперевозчика — это та сфера деятельности, которая дает не только хороший, но и постоянный заработок.    Для того, чтобы успешно вести собственное дело, вам понадобится:  собственная компания со […]

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Boston Transportation Solutions

At Boston Transportation Solutions we are dedicated to providing our clients with the high-quality service and expertise in transportation.  Whether you are an aspiring student,  a driver,  or a trucking company, we will help you with all your transportation needs. Thanks to our 12 + years experience in transportation, we have an extensive network of […]

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