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TO BE DECIDED – from 5.30 PM-9.30 PM CST

(This 4-hour class is an ongoing part of our Safety Manager Training, so if you don’t see a specific date – simply email us at van53co@gmail.com to get registered for the upcoming DATAQ Class)

This intense 4-hour hands-on course is focused on the practical application of the FMCSA DataQs system. It can be taken as part of our Safety Manager Course or separately.

Participants will gain knowledge and skills in effectively submitting DataQs requests by learning proven strategies whether requests are pertaining to DOT inspections, recordable accidents or citations. They will have the opportunity to practice creating explanations using real-life examples of accidents and inspection reports. Here is a potential outline for the course (subject to changes):

  1. Understanding DataQs:
    • Definition and terminology, including the meaning of “RDR.”
    • Clarifying what actions can be taken through the DataQs system.
    • Dispelling myths, legends, and misconceptions about DataQs.
    • Addressing situations where individuals claim to have already fixed the issue or dismiss it as a warning.
  2. Goals and Process of DataQs:
    • Exploring the main objective of submitting a request, which is to reduce the safety score.
    • Understanding the structure and steps involved in the DataQs review process.
    • Timeframes for reviews and the likelihood of success.
    • Accessing the DataQs system and practicing request submission.
  3. Maximizing Success:
    • Strategies for increasing the chances of a successful DataQs request.
    • Analyzing inspection reports effectively.
    • Familiarizing oneself with FMCSA and CVSA regulations, policies, and guidance.
    • Emphasizing the importance of providing evidence to support claims.
  4. Writing Effective Explanations:
    • Practicing how to write a well-crafted explanation for a DataQs request.
    • Understanding the significance of referencing FMCSA regulations, standards, and guidance.
    • Maintaining a professional tone when addressing the “human factor.”
    • Staying focused on the ultimate goal of the request.
  5. Dealing with Crashes:
    • Handling non-reportable incidents.
    • Distinguishing between “Not our driver’s fault,” “Not preventable,” and “Eligible for CPDP” scenarios.
    • Exploring the Crash Preventability Determination Program (CPDP) Eligibility Guide.
  6. Essential Components:
    • Highlighting the necessary elements for a successful DataQs request.
    • Managing violations and the evidence required.
    • Addressing situations where the violation does not belong to the participant.
    • Understanding the implications of adjudicated citations and strategies for avoiding paying tickets.
    • Considering complications related to plea deals and the importance of dismissal.
  7. Handling Violations:
    • Tackling the issue of “violation masking.”
    • Identifying incorrect violations and understanding the SMS Methodology, violation codes, and descriptions.
    • Utilizing pictures and videos as supporting evidence.
    • Dealing with Out-of-Service (OOS) violations according to the CVSA North American Standard OOS Criteria handbook.
  8. Examples and Case Analysis:
    • Examining real-life examples and analyzing case studies related to DataQs requests.

Please note that we do show over 10 live DOT inspections examples spanning different states, different types of operations as well as DATA Q submission examples. One of these entered submissions will be spanning.


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Discount Policy: Full Payment via ZELLE to van53co@gmail.com for a $29.00 discount. After sending ZELLE payment (deduct $29 from the cost of the course), please email name and contact info to van53co@gmail.com to receive the course enrollment confirmation).

Confirmation Policy: After submitting payment, expect an email confirmation with the class location (Chicago suburb) sent directly by us within 24 hrs. Please, add van53co@gmail.com to your contacts or check the spam folder.

Payment Plan – email to request payment plan. Payment Plan Is Available through Square AfterPay via four interest-free installments.  

International Payment Policy: International payments or wires are available through Wise, PayPal, or Crypto Currency.

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