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Safety is about prevention. Proper Driver Training is essential to any trucking company’s success.

Training helps your company keep safety scores low, prevent accidents and claims, while increasing cash flow and allowing profits to grow.

*To register for driver or staff training, please call 224-441-6667. The trainings are on various topics and must be scheduled.

We offer many different types of trainings on different platforms – in person, online, or we come to your office. We travel to all states. We provide one on one and group trainings – to drivers and to staff/safety personnel.

Please, call us to schedule your next training! 224-441-6667!

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1. CMV Driver Basics                                                                                                                                                                       

Focuses on four topics that must be covered: driver qualification, driver wellness, hours of service, and whistleblower protection. All entry-level drivers who drive in interstate operations and are subject to the CDL requirements must receive entry-level training. This training will help you satisfy that requirement.

2. Cargo Securement for CMV

Regulation 49 CFR 392.9 and 393:
 Unsecured or improperly secured cargo can cause accidents, injuries, and even death. What’s more, under CSA, cargo securement               violations can increase your Vehicle Maintenance BASIC score and lead to an intervention. By training your drivers on load                           securement requirements, you’ll help to reduce the chance of accidents and violations.

3. Accident Procedures: Driver Training Series 

Accident Procedures: Driver Training Series is designed to help drivers understand what to do after being involved in (or witnessing) an accident. Specifically, it covers the procedures drivers should follow in order to safely and legally deal with the situation in a short period of time. Also important is Collision Avoidance and Backing which is covered in this series.

4. Defensive Driving for CMV Drivers

Distracted Driving Prevention, Defensive Driving, Emergency Maneuvers, Extreme Weather Driving, Night Driving,


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