Terms & Conditions

CANCELLATION: Payments are not refundable. Please, realize that when you register for the class, we put you on a schedule and reserve a special time just for you and your group. Therefore, if you cancel other students get affected. In case you have to cancel, we will not refund your money back, but we will give you credit for future classes.

MISSED CLASSES: We allow rescheduling and re-taking the missed class ONCE, with a written explanation by email, but no refunds.

NON-DISCLOSURE: The courses are an intellectual property of Smart Trucking Solutions Co. Any materials and handouts for the courses should only be used by the Student enrolled in this class. Any inappropriate usage, distribution of any and all of the materials could be pursued by a legal action.

PICTURES: some pictures or videos will be taken during the class to be used as promotional materials. If you do not want your picture to be used in social media, please email us before the class starts.

REFERRAL: As part of the ongoing commitment to provide the best service to our students, we might request our 3 partnered companies to contact you in regards to Factoring, Insurance, and ELD/TMS.

ZOOM: A webcam and microphone are an absolutely MUST when taking our ZOOM Classes. Mute will be acceptable, but the camera MUST be turned ON during the class at all times.
We allow rescheduling with an appropriate reason ONCE, but no refunds.

By enrolling and paying for the course, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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