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“Liza, I want to once again thank you very much for your help! Company is now active. I didn’t even expect that this will happen today. You helped me a lot and I will definitely look forward to do business with you in the future!”

Taras Grabar, ID FREIGHT INC

Лиза привет! Огромное тебе спасибо за подаренную возможность работы в компании Вида, за помощь и поддержку своим ученикам, выпускникам и страждущим. Сил тебе, жизненной энергии в наступающем 2019!

Mаксим Козлов, Частный предприниматель

Elizabeth Vasko is a great person to partner up with! She is very professional and knowledgeable in her field! Her work ethic and devotion to training she provides make her stand out from the rest!

Jeffrey S. Harris, Attorney at Law

Thank you for all the help you have given my company. Great service !!!!!

Mafil Askarov, Shama Express LLC

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