How to book the best paying freight on DAT & load boards

Read below if you want to learn the best dispatching practices which will allow you to:

  • Make $5,000 a month and more at dispatching trucks
  • Work from anywhere in the world – just having a laptop and a phone
  • Never run out of business
  • Never end up on the brokers’ No Call List

Do you ever wonder where dispatchers book their loads? How come they get phone calls from the freight brokers with the load offers? Most of all the dispatchers who service the spot market are using special load boards such as DAT,, and 123 LoadBoards.

These load boards are like treasure maps for dispatchers, helping them find the best-paying loads and keeping the wheels turning smoothly. However, just like with everything else, load boards mastery starts with the proper training and acquiring skills.

But wait! If every dispatcher uses the load boards, why do some truckers always get best paying freight from their dispatchers, while others – constantly wait for the next load after getting empty?

The answer is simple. Those dispatchers who learn HOW to use the load boards are becoming the TOP NOTCH Dispatchers. 

After reading this article, you will learn the 3 most important HOW’s:

  •  How to post your trucks to get best offers
  •  How to negotiate with the freight brokers
  •  How to not end up on the brokers’ blacklist

But first things first. Let’s explore why dispatchers love Load Boards:

More Choices, More Money:

  • Load boards are like a trucker’s menu with loads from all over. Dispatchers can scroll through and pick the most lucrative ones. More choices mean better chances of finding high-paying loads. While searching for freight, dispatchers also post their truck’s availability. 
  • For example, some dispatchers will post their trucks to be available in the afternoon. That’s a strategy to book so-called “HOT LOADS”. Hot loads are the loads that the broker is desperate to move in order not to lose a customer. The most common reason is that the carrier who was initially on the load, has canceled, and now the broker will pay the top dollar to find another trucker – to deliver the load on time.

Real-Time Updates:

  • Load boards show what’s available right now. Dispatchers can see all the options, rates, and details instantly.Thousands of postings are available daily – that’s the beauty of the spot market. 

Less Empty Miles, More Profits:

  • Load boards help dispatchers match their trucks with the right load, reducing empty miles. This means more money in your pocket and less fuel wasted driving around without cargo. If you have enough time to pick up freight, you can still ask the broker for deadhead compensation even though you are not far away. Be careful with that as you do not want to use this negotiation tool to spoil your relations with brokers. Other negotiation factors are the cargo dimensions, weight, holidays, area, and time of the delivery.
Truck dispatcher

Tricks and Hacks for Dispatchers:

Now, here are some tricks dispatchers use to snag the best loads without getting on the bad side of brokers:

  • Time zone?? (driver location and where the driver will be going)
  • Weather conditions on the way and at destination (receiver/delivery)???
  • Multi stops???
  • Pick-up time (apt / FCFS)
  • Delivery Time (apt / FCFS)
  • Total miles (calculate time for delivery and how long it would take to load and unload)
  • Specific requirements??? (miles / tarp / equipment) 

Build Good Relationships:

  • Treat brokers like your favorite roadside diner. Be respectful, communicate well, and build good relationships. This way, brokers are more likely to offer you the best loads with no waiting times and top pay.

Be Reliable and On Time:

  • Just like hitting delivery windows, being reliable is key. Dispatchers who consistently deliver on time are more likely to get access to the top-paying loads.  In fact, brokers will call you to offer a load before they even put it on the load board. That’s the goal!

    Negotiate Like a Pro:

  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate rates. Dispatchers who can wheel and deal are more likely to secure better rates. Just remember to be fair, reasonable, and professional.There are load boards features that will show you current rates and load densities.

Use Load Board Filters Wisely:

  • Load boards have filters to help narrow down the options. Dispatchers should use these wisely, focusing on the best matches for their  trucks’ capacity, equipment, route, and timeline.

Stay Informed About Market Trends:

    • Dispatchers who keep an eye on the market trends and seasonal changes can anticipate demand and secure better loads. It’s like being one step ahead of the game. Again, load boards have built in features to help dispatchers make better choices. With proper training and experience, you will become a top notch dispatcher in no time.

Avoiding the Brokers' Black List:

Now, let’s talk about staying in the brokers’ good graces:

Honesty is the Best Policy:

  • Misleading information can land dispatchers and drivers on the brokers’ blacklist. To avoid this, always be upfront about your capabilities and availability by knowing your drivers needs and equipment types. Also, never do double brokerage without the broker’s consent. Booking the load under one MC authority and sending the driver with the other MC number listed on the truck is a big NO NO, and will most likely have you marked as a double broker.

Communicate Effectively:

  • Keep the communication lines open. If your driver is delayed on a previous delivery, let the broker of the next load know ASAP. The broker might end up canceling your load, but they will not mark you as a non-reliable carrier.

Follow Through on Commitments:

  • If you agree to a load, follow through. Canceling last minute or bailing on a commitment can hurt your reputation and make brokers hesitant to work with you again. In other words, don’t book and look for a better deal. Brokers will spot you and put you on a No Call list.

Proper Representation:

While registering on a load board, provide correct information. Do not use virtual addresses or phone numbers. Through a special software called  RMIS, brokers can spot these virtual carriers and decide not to do business with them. Having your company registered properly and having a website and a customized broker-carrier setup packet will for sure differentiate you and provide protection from possible fraud.


As you can see, load boards are a dispatcher’s secret weapon for finding the best loads. In fact, such load boards as DAT,, and 123LoadBoard have amazing features such as spot market rates, fuel price tendencies, and broker credit checks – to help any beginning or pro dispatcher book the best freight and avoid trouble.If used wisely, they will always supply you with a great number of loads and broker connections – and most importantly, make you a Top Notch Dispatcher, not just another regular dispatcher. 

Remember, to make $5,000 a month and even more – while working from anywhere in the world, all you need is:

 – laptop

 – internet

 – and above all, DESIRE TO LEARN!


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